OTSH Organizational Profile


About OTSH

The Portuguese Observatory on Trafficking in Human Beings (OTSH) was established (Decree-law no. 229/2008) in response to the opacity which characterises the trafficking in human beings phenomenon and thus, through enhanced understanding, contribute to better forms of intervention regarding prevention, protection and prosecution.

Set in the framework of the 1st Portuguese National Plan against Trafficking in Human Beings (2007-2010), the Observatory is the outcome of a broader history of interventions, of national and transnational scope, in which the Portuguese Ministry of Home Affairs has always been active, working in partnership and demonstrating its commitment towards anti-trafficking strategies. The Observatory is part of the Ministry of Home Affairs and develops its work in close cooperation with the National Coordinator.

The mission of the Observatory is to produce, collect, analyses and disseminate information and knowledge about trafficking in human beings and other forms of gender violence.

The vision of the Observatory is to become a national and international reference center that will contribute to analysis, knowledge and intervention on trafficking in human beings and other forms of gender violence.

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