The combined dataset from multiple contributors, prior to k-anonymization, includes information about nearly 80,000 victims of human trafficking of 180 nationalities who were exploited in 117 countries.

The Map illustrates trends related to the profile of the victims of human trafficking in different parts of the world, based on the original combined dataset prior to k-anonymization. The Map currently shows only country level overview of main trends rather than exact coordinates or route data. In order to understand the origin of the data please see the current contributors IOM , Polaris and Liberty Asia.

Important disclaimer: The map below should not be interpreted as showing the extent of prevalence of human trafficking in each country. Rather, the data displayed for each country should be interpreted as a sample of identified victims of human trafficking for a given country. The characteristics of the sample indicate the characteristics of identified human trafficking within a particular country.

The Codebook also describes the methodological considerations and limitations of the data.